Northern Territory’s 2020 Rural Women’s Award State Finalists

Meet the three women who have been chosen as NT state finalists for the Northern Territory’s Rural Women’s Award 2020.


Amy Kirke Darwin, NT

Amy moved to Darwin to study for her PhD, which focuses on commercially exploited sharks in the Northern Territory. Working with fisheries departments has fuelled her passion for sustainable industries and education. Amy wants to do everything she can to support and uplift women in her community.
Having recognised that industry and science communication and engagement rarely reach remote communities in the Northern Territory, Amy’s project will provide rural communities with much needed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) engagement through science workshops. Amy aims to help bolster scientific learning in the NT, and together with industry, will create more channels for collaboration, innovation and education for the sustainability of our resources into the future.






Emily Ford Darwin, NT

Emily Tyaemaen Ford is a Rak Mak Mak Marranunggu woman from Kurrindju, located about 140 km south-west of Darwin, She is passionate about growing robust local communities and industry through educating and empowering communities, particularly young people.

Emily has recognised an opportunity to foster development, connection, and greater knowledge transmission between young people and local industries. Emily’s project will facilitate the development of emerging workforces, through a communication program, sharing in-depth knowledge about industries from a range of relevant experts.







Maddison Clonan Darwin, NT

Maddison Clonan is a Darwin-based agricultural scientist who is passionate about ensuring the sustainability of food and farming systems for rural and regional Australia.

Maddison has recognised the lack of engagement of young people in food and farming systems. She endeavours to develop an educational school program aimed at connecting young people with food production, developing the next generation of sustainable consumers and inspiring young people to seek careers in food and farming.